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Nice to meet you.

Experiencing life with a three-dimensional view and transforming it into two-dimensional visuals is my passion. I am Alison Andruss, an Art Director and Designer. In 2015, I graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Architecture and Design. However, my interest and passion quickly shifted towards Graphic Design after graduation.

As a designer, my approach has always been to focus on the aesthetic and functionality of space. I pay close attention to details and draw inspiration from my clients and the world around me. Starting with an abstract concept of space, text, images, and objects, I transform them into cohesive and functional pieces. My goal is to create work that evokes emotions, excitement, and curiosity. My styles and ideas continually expand and evolve as I embrace new knowledge and technology.

I thrive on empowering and inspiring our team while keeping them grounded and on track. Constructively critiquing people's work, ensuring deadlines are met, and effectively relaying information are skills I enjoy utilizing. Together, we can deliver final products that surpass client expectations.

My ultimate aspiration is to be a design leader, using a hands-on and idea-driven approach to elevate creative solutions to the next level. With my creative and leadership skills, I aim to motivate other creatives to reach their fullest potential while continuing to grow as an individual.


Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life!
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