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Ready to Wear Fundraiser

Presented By Madison Reading Project

Madison Reading Project (MRP) faces ongoing challenges in sustaining and expanding their efforts to address the literacy needs of vulnerable children in Southwest Wisconsin. Financial constraints pose obstacles to securing funds for essential staff, books, and supplies required to maintain the quality of their impactful programs. To overcome these challenges, MRP launched Read(y) to Wear, a paper-inspired benefit fashion show in 2017. This annual event creatively brings together lovers of reading and fashion to support the literacy needs of kids, families, and educators.

One standout example of success in this endeavor was the active participation of the American Printing Company. The company submitted a remarkable flapper-inspired paper dress for the fashion show. Led by the talented Ali Andruss, the creative team behind this unique design exemplified the power of collaboration between businesses and individuals in making a positive impact on the community. Their involvement added vibrancy to the event and played a crucial role in raising funds for the MRP program fund. Through activities like raffles and a cash bar, Read(y) to Wear engages the community in a fun and creative way, showcasing the power of collective efforts to address challenges and sustain essential literacy programs for children in need.

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