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Stand Out From The Inside Podcast


Versiti aims to address the diversity challenge within the realm of blood donors by actively engaging a varied and inclusive range of contributors. Recognizing that the potential for a successful outcome after receiving a blood donation is considerably heightened when the donor's ethnicity aligns, the organization is committed to establishing connections with the black and brown community. This outreach endeavors to effectively convey the significance of blood compatibility while simultaneously bolstering the volume of donations. However, numerous concerns and reservations currently prevail within these communities. Thus, the approach must extend beyond mere solicitation for blood, entailing a comprehensive effort to assuage fears and encourage participation.


The solution involved the development of a podcast campaign aimed at both championing the cause and enhancing recruitment efforts. This series of podcasts serves as a bridge between individuals, fostering meaningful connections through intimate conversations. With a multifaceted purpose, the podcast not only showcases the essence of different backgrounds but also uplifts, motivates, and inspires within the black and brown communities. Serving as a symbol of optimism, these episodes illuminate the significance of race and the pivotal role of distinct blood types in ensuring survival. The dialogues within the series are strategically designed to stimulate contemplation and forge a link to the act of blood donation.

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